Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Interview with a Five Year Old: Kiree edition

I would say that I sat down to chat with Kiree about turning the big 0-5, but actually I sat and she ran in and out of the room.  It was the day of Kiree's fifth birthday, her birthday party was two days earlier, a my little pony friendship is magic party.  Kiree was rocking Halloween socks, pajama bottoms and a t-shirt that says "I'm the little big sister."

I asked her how it felt to finally be five.  "Great!" she told me, "because it's my birthday!"  Almost everything Kiree says could be written with an exclamation point.  She is a very dramatic and passionate little girl.  At five years old, as at younger ages, Kiree has some strong preferences and isn't afraid to state them.  Her favorite color is blue, favorite food is pasta, and favorite show is "ponies."

I ask her what her favorite activity is.  "Activity days" she says (she came along with Jaide and I one week when Bob and Luke went to a community meeting, she also came that evening as we had a family activity day night).  After a short pause, she continued, "um, baking and art.  How about baking and art?"
Kiree's attention now turns to her baby brother Luke.  He is a frequent playmate when big sister Jaide is at school.  Kiree gives him her new Princess Celestia doll to play with.  Luke tries to bite it.  Kiree shares (after I ask her) that her favorite place is Chick-fil-A.  This may have something to do with our having gone there for lunch on Tuesday.  She wants to go there again today, we don't.

Kiree's baby brother has started inch worm style crawling.  He inches toward my notes and tries to grab them.  Kiree runs around quickly with her toy she has taken back from Luke.  "So Kiree," I interrupt, "What is the best part of being Kiree?"  "Getting tiny things" she says.  I have no clue what she's talking about so I ask what she means.  "I'm happy" she says.  I move on as she seems to find answering my questions boring.  What's your favorite treat? "Gum."  What did you think of your party?  "I loved it?"  The best part?  "The pinky pies"!  (We had mini pudding pies with vanilla pudding dyed pink).

Hoping to get more than a one, two, or three word answer, I ask, "What is the most important thing you've learned in your five years?"  "About the earth," she replies.  What's the best thing about a November birthday?  "It could snow."  (It did not).  Best thing about being a big sister?  "I like to kiss Lukey wookie" she says in a baby voice as she rushes over to do so.  Is it good to be the middle child?  "It's good because it's fun, because I get to play with the baby."  And with Jaide?  "yeah"  But being the middle child can also be bad according to Kiree, like when your balloon blows away (earlier we'd gone to Toys R Us and got a free birthday balloon.  The first one we got popped off the string and flew away.  The second one got all the way home and then Kiree poked a hole in it while playing roughly with it).

My last question for Kiree was what advice would she give to people turning five.  "It's great to be five," she would tell them, "because they might be nervous to turn five."