Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Kidisms

I haven't been keeping up on this as well as I used to- Sometimes we haven't written the funny things the kids have said quickly enough and then forgot them.  I haven't updated the sidebar since this summer with the ones I did write down, so I decided to just put them all in  a year in review post.

When I picked up Luke and one of his baby buddies didn't get picked up it sounded like he said "ha!" to her.

(Luke is holding a ruler) J: Luke, what are doing with that ruler?  K: Ruling?

Jaide and Kiree got very excited about making presents for everyone with art supplies like paper, crayons, markers, and glitter.  Kiree asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her she could clean up the house for me.  She didn't care much for that answer.  K: No, I mean what do you want that I could make you in the office?

Bob tells the girls they need to clean up the mess they made in the office (quite a bit of glitter on the floor)  K: I think the mess is beautiful.

M: Your tongue is green, probably from cookies.
K: It could be from broccoli.

One day we were talking about back in April when we posted an April fools joke about Luke being born that day.  Kiree said something about nobody being born on April fools day.
M: Some people were born on April fools day.
K: (jumping up and down) Like Mr. Jack! (one of the preschool teachers)
M: Oh, was Mr. Jack born on April fools day?
K: I don't know.

K&J: Dark Vader
J: Wait, is it Dark Vader or Darth Vader?

J: The basement is one of the scariest places on earth.

M: would cost $2.
K: Do we have that much money?

L: (laughing riotously at us shucking corn)

Awhile back we got a DVD in the mail about Disney cruises.  Kiree wanted to watch it so we did.  Bob found the DVD one day when he was going through the DVDs and Kiree had to tell him all about it.
K: On the Disney cruise you get to watch lots of movies and they have towels.  You don't even have to bring a towel.  You have to bring a swim suit since they have hundreds of pools.  I am not sure if they have toilets, you might need to bring a toilet.
(after some laughter and some discussion of what a cruise is for)
M: The point is to eat food and visit interesting places like beaches.
K: Maybe we could bring our play sand to the beach.

K: (After learning about the word of wisdom in primary) We only drink urban tea.  (Later it became urvant tea)


L: maaaaahm
(after an FHE lesson about pioneer day) K: I learned my ancestors were pioneers and they crossed over airplanes.
(Phone is beeping loudly) B: Who left the phone off the hook? J: Off the hook? What hook? That doesn't even make sense. B: (to himself) Am I that old?


M: (looking at the picture Jaide drew during church of what looked like people coming out of the ground) Is that a picture of the resurrection or zombies? J: Zombies!
K: Daddy is my fun house!
K: Let's play nice together like real pirates do.
B: What's this world coming to? J: The end.
K: When I was outside walking on the grass with no shoes on I saw a bird. I talked to it but it didn't believe me.
K: Once I sneezed and you didn't answer
K: ability cord = umbilical cord
K: No one can escape my smartness.
K: (showing 3 day old Luke his 3D ultrasound picture) Here's a picture of you when you were a baby.
Commenting on the two edible arrangements we received after the baby was born K: Why did people send this? The baby can't even eat it.
J: How can it be bedtime, there are brownies over there.
(At Bob's suggestion of the possibility of the brownies being poisoned)Commenting on the brownies she was eating, brownies which Sister Ladle made J: These brownies are not poisoned. M: How do you know? J: They taste good. K: Sister Ladle never has poison.

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