Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Rather Dull Post About December with cute baby pictures

Every year I start thinking about Christmas "early" and I think, 'this year I will get everything done early.'  Even though I think this, and I get started "early"  I never manage to finish up until right before Christmas.  It is crazy.  I'm not sure what I can do besides maybe schedule a trip right before, at, or after Christmas.  I still need to finish making some picture books I've been dragging my feet on for at least two months.  Valentines presents!

December is a busy month.  I had a birthday, which seems like a really long time ago by now.  We had some birthday pie.  After Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas, I think I'm a little pied out.  The holiday party Bob's work had this year was more fun than in previous years.  It was held at an art museum in Baltimore.  There was a Relief Society Christmas dinner and a ward Christmas breakfast.  I know I felt really busy although it's hard to remember now all that I did.

Christmas was good.  It was just us at home and we had a lot of fun.  We stayed in our pajamas until 3pm.  The girls really enjoyed their presents.  I made a roast in the crockpot for dinner.  It didn't taste all that great.  I'm not sure why.  I bought Wegman's brand sparkling juice and that wasn't that good either.  The cherry strudel pie we got from the school fundraiser was very good though.  We somehow ended up with a lot of candy and sweets just before and after Christmas.  I got Bob two new games for Christmas and we've played them both already.  Jaide beat us the last time we played.

Here are the cute pictures from Christmas:

I was there too

two teeth now

Luke got a "treasure box" and ball pit balls from Santa

It's a lot of fun to see Jaide get presents because she is so appreciative

The balance bike was a big hit with both the girls

sock monkey pajamas and our little monkey

Luke is starting to pull up and do a little cruising, also I really need to get new window coverings in the living room

Luke also figured out regular crawling right about Christmas day

Jaide really excited to get the Chronicles of Narnia

Climbing up that one step entry way

"helping" Daddy

Taking a seat inside the finished product with a talking Darth Vader doll from his sisters

Luke has gotten a few rides in this toy from his sisters.  It looks like he's taking Darth Vader for a ride but he was just standing there.

The wagon started to get away from him

Everything goes in the mouth when you're eight months old
Since I wrote the Thanksgiving post, Luke has started eating wheat without problems.  He loves bread!  He also loves taco meat, shredded cheese, and sweet potatoes.  He feeds himself and does a pretty good job (he gets a lot of it in, but does toss some overboard as well).  

Bob has been home all week.  It's been nice to have some time to just do whatever the kids wanted to do and also some stuff around the house.  We've read books, played games, jumped on the trampoline, went swimming, some of us rode bikes, some of us played in snow while it lasted, watched Star Wars movies, played instruments and made hot breakfasts several days.  We've also cleared everything off the floor for robot vacuums to go around (a new one Bob got me for Christmas, which already has some kind of issue and the old one with a new battery and some new parts).  It's been a good thing to have the floors cleared for wagon rides, balance bike rides, and Luke crawling all over the place.  We rearranged the furniture in the basement, spent some time down there, and wondered what on earth the people who finished the basement were thinking (probably something like, who cares how that looks- let's just get this over with).  I'm looking forward to getting back into projects around the house and to hiring some of those projects out (dining room floor, you need professional help!)  I always enjoy making new goals and looking ahead.  Hopefully 2013 will be a good year despite the fact that I keep thinking it's going to be 2014 and Bob's insistence that "2013" does not sound like a year.

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