Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nine months is 3/4 of a year

Luke is nine months old!  Nine months is a pretty fun age.  Luke has gotten pretty good at regular crawling.  He's been at it since Christmas.  He likes to pull up to standing any chance he gets.  He falls down on his bottom a lot but it usually doesn't bother him too much.  Luke is getting into a lot more stuff these days.  Everything goes in the mouth.  The other day he stuck the end of the computer cord into his mouth.  The other end was plugged in!  He was about to do it again when I stopped him. 
Luke feeds himself although he still likes help holding up his sippy cup for a drink of water.  He's pretty good about sleeping at night and sometimes takes good naps in his crib during the day.  We just switched from the baby bucket to a convertible rear facing car seat.  He's still within the weight limit of the baby bucket, but way too tall.  Official stats will be taken later this week, but he's about 18lbs according to the wii fit.
Luke currently has just two teeth, the two front, bottom ones.
His sisters sounded very girly as babies, but Luke sounds like a little boy.  He grunts and makes raspberry/gurgle noises with his mouth.  In the bath the other night he actually spit while making those noises.  The other day I was getting ready to give him a bath.  He had a poopy diaper so I took it off and cleaned him up.  I didn't put another diaper on him since he was about to go in the bath.  He was standing up outside the tub, holding onto the side of the tub, wearing just an unsnapped onesie while I was getting the bath ready.  He peed on the floor!  He missed his onesie at least.  Here are some pictures, but not of that particular incident.
I don't always eat oatmeal, but when I do, I make a big mess

The snowsuit is a little bit big but not too much bigger than he is.  No snow, just for keeping warm walking the girls to school.

outfit from Grammy, size 18mo

pulling up to look out the window or down at the ground


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