Friday, February 1, 2013

Events Have Transpired

My cellphone went missing for a week.  It seemed like much longer than that.  It has become something I use every day, multiple times a day.  I'm glad though to have it back and all the pictures that were on it.  How would I ever remember what we did without the random pictures I took along the way.

yeah, it's blurry, Jaide's in the middle there
Jaide's strings concert:  Jaide had her first strings concert in January.  They played "See the Little Monkey," "Hot Cross Buns," and "Pepperoni Pizza."  Jaide plays the cello, so she got to sit on the stage with the other beginner cellos and bases.  Everybody else was standing in front of the stage.

Visit to the farm:  There's a farm not too far from our house that we've gotten some meat and eggs from before.  One Saturday we all went to see the animals.  We got to see the chickens flap over their little fence to peck a snack out of the grass.  We also got to see some goats, some sheep, a couple of cows, and some baby pigs.  Baby pigs are very cute, I guess it's a good thing they're not cute when they're big because bacon.  And when they're big, more bacon.  

Treadmill: We bought a treadmill.  What a January thing to do!
That treadmill was super heavy!
 Unlike a lot of people, we've actually been using it.  Will this trend continue?  I think so.  I cancelled our membership at the Y.  It was not the right gym for us.  I love being able to work out after the kids go to bed or sometimes during the day.
Like a zombie mummy
Bob has even run on it.

purple crepes
The Ravens/ purple crepes:  The day after the Ravens won the AFC championship game we made purple crepes for breakfast.  Bob had taped the game to watch that morning.
This one ended up burnt, with a weird face
We figured the Ravens had won the night before because we heard fireworks.  I don't think we'll be able to hold off finding out if they've won the superbowl this Sunday.  People are pretty excited.  The end of the game didn't get taped somehow, so that was a little disappointing to Bob.  He found highlights online to watch.

Luke enjoys purple crepes and yogurt
water leak- That same Sunday that we were hearing fireworks, we were also discovering that the carpet was wet in the corner of the living room.
living room floor leak from the basement view, ewww
 On Monday we pulled the carpet back and eventually discovered that there was water leaking down when we used the sink in the master bath.  The next day we had a plumber come out.  He told me they'd probably have to take down the curtain rod and I said, "oh yeah, we just put that up not that long ago."  Then it dawned on both of us that that was probably the source of the leak.  Sure enough, Bob had drilled right into the drain pipe.  But now it's fixed (the pipe, the wall still needs fixing) and the carpet is all dried out.

cold and snow- We had cold and snow, but then we had an unseasonably warm day, then a ton of rain, and then back to freezing and a little tiny bit more snow.  The weather is wild.  The girls have enjoyed the chances they've had to play in the snow we've gotten, but seriously, it hasn't been much snow.  It's hard to believe they've already forgotten the winter of 09-10 where we had a couple feet of snow.  Last winter was pretty snow free, so they've been happy so far to get a couple of little snow storms.  I was really glad that I had ordered the girls some snow boots from (It's always a gamble to buy snow gear).  Unfortunately they sent a smaller size than Kiree wears.  I emailed them on a Saturday and was very pleasantly surprised to get an email back (on Saturday!) telling me that they would send me the right size right away, that I could keep the one they'd sent, and that they were crediting my account $10 for the trouble!  The replacement pair got here just in time for the first snow.  Yay!

Someone likes to climb the stairs and laugh at people below

building stuff, rearranging furniture- At the beginning of January Ikea had a sale on this one series of cabinets and shelves.  Bob and I decided it would work as a built in for our family room.  We've really wanted to build something in there for the TV and for storage.  This modular stuff would be easy to build and less expensive than buying cabinets (certainly much cheaper than hiring someone else to build something).  It is taking us forever to build this thing!  We've been busy, we've only been working on it after the kids go to bed, and after the pipe puncture, we've been a little more cautious about drilling holes into the wall.  I don't think there are any pipes in that wall, but I didn't think there'd be any on an exterior wall right next to a window either!  Perhaps we'll finish this month, although it's unclear when the doors we wanted for it will be back in stock at the store.  Then we get to figure out where to put what and where to drill holes for cords and such. Now that the TV is off the buffet we bought at the thrift store a long time ago, I've moved the buffet to the living room and stuck cookbooks and some other stuff in it.  I moved the furniture around in there a bit after we took down the Christmas tree.  It's nice to change things up a bit every once in a while.
I decided to paint and/or stain some of the furniture I wanted to move around, yeah, haven't finished one thing yet

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