Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Strange Little Month

Here's what happened in the shortest month
Valentimes (as Jaide would say)
We had an activity day party at our house.  We made mini pizzas and cake pops.  There were 16 girls, a few of which were friends people brought along.  Bob gave me and the girls some flowers that morning.  The night before he took the girls to a daddy daughter activity at school.  

Kiree was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Kiree's knee hurt and I wasn't sure if she was just being dramatic (she is sometimes very dramatic).  Then her knee started to look swollen and I knew something was wrong.  Blood tests, and x ray, a pointless visit to the ER with more blood tests (the same ones even), and a 20 day course of antibiotics.  Kiree is feeling much better and she'll finish up her medicine this week.  I'm looking into treating the yard for ticks.  Apparently you can buy tubes of cotton treated with a chemical that kills ticks.  Then mice can grab the cotton, take it for their nesting material and they and their babies can be tick free and we can avoid catching their disease.  Yay!  Too bad our HOA would not allow us to have chickens in the backyard.  Apparently they love ticks and guinea hens love ticks even more.  Guinea hens are very loud and annoying according to what I've read though.

The Superbowl
wearing purple on Superbowl Sunday
That was this month?   Seems like a long time ago now.  We were happy that the Ravens won.  We taped it and watched on Monday while eating purple crepes.  We heard fireworks Sunday night, so we kind of figured they had won.  Kiree, Luke, and I watched their victory parade on tv the Tuesday after.

Kindergarten: 181 days away
On Monday, I registered Kiree for kindergarten.  She is very excited.  She wants to go NOW.  She told me the other day it was going to take forever, like 50 days.  I looked up how many days it actually was and told her.  I might as well have said it was 100 years from now. Six months is nearly an eternity when you're five.

Loose teeth
Kiree had two loose teeth, now she has one loose tooth and one in a baggie for the tooth fairy. 

Luke hit 10mo and next week 11mo
His hair is getting a little long.
pulling up and cruising
Luke likes to unload the dishes, even if they are still dirty
lookin' handsome at church

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Rosie said...

I love the fact that Luke is actually IN the dishwasher. So funny!