Friday, March 1, 2013

Kidisms early 2013

J: jolly rogers= jolly rancher candy ( and after I tried to correct her) jolly rauncher

J: little bo sheep

J&K: starbucks= starburst candy

K: I never get to finish my scary stories because people start talking!

J: I win! I win! K: Don't be so cheerful!

K: (on the case of the stolen baby Jesus from our outdoor nativity) I told them (a few of our neighbors) about baby Jesus because if one of them looked left, I'd know they stole him.

K: I'll make a party and no one will be invited!
later on... K: Jaide want to come to my party? J: I thought no one was invited. K: It's no fun without anyone.

J: General Mills, is he a president?

K: Luke steals my lines sometimes. That means sometimes he says things I say

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