Sunday, March 10, 2013

Meg March

Back at the end of January I was thinking I should have a month to focus on doing things that I like.  I thought of doing Meguary in February, but that didn't work out and then February was a huge pain in the butt.  So anyway, it's Meg March.  How is this different than any other month?  It's not too different most of the time but I'm trying to incorporate some fun things into those bits of time that I can decide what to do.  Several months ago I bought an online digital photography class on groupon.  I started that this past week.  It has been fun to try out different settings on my little point and shoot camera.  It's amazing the different things you can do with it.  Maybe this month I will also start using the learning Spanish computer thing Bob got me for Christmas.
The close up setting.  I decided to try a subject that wouldn't move around so much.
This is what Kiree does when you ask her to pose with her ponies.
I enjoy getting things done around the house.  During naptime I sometimes watch shows online while I clean or whatever.  I've been watching the Biggest Loser all season online.  This weekend I almost finished re-staining a night stand (it just needs a clear coat).  It's been in the garage a long time and Bob was tired of making sure to avoid it when he parked the car.  We've started working on organizing the garage a bit too and I cleaned up on Saturday.  We park in the garage, but we still managed to have a bunch of junk along the perimeter.  I'm looking forward to doing some more painting.  I get tired of it and stop for a while until I get the urge to start again.  There's always something that needs to be painted around here.  I couldn't buy any porch paint for our sorry looking deck last weekend though because Home Depot was out of porch paint!  Too bad I didn't find that out until after waiting like half an hour.  Eventually, when it warms up and Home Depot gets more paint, that deck will get painted.
The other thing I have been doing during naps or in the evenings is running on the treadmill.  I'm slowly getting back into being able to run.  I'd like to run another 5K some time.  With the regular exercise and trying not to eat sugar, I'm back down to my pre-Christmas weight!  Still have a ways to go to get to pre-pregnancy.

Here are some more pictures I took this week.

11 months old now

I thought a dusty light fixture was an appropriate thing to test out the museum setting on.

On my camera, this setting is called "copy."  My old camera did sepia too, but I didn't find that on this one.

Do the lines of the floor draw you into the picture?  I wasn't  too sure.

This is the picture I turned in for homework even though it is dark.   I tried to use the rule of thirds.

Those top teeth are working their way down.

Jaide decided to join in on taking pictures with her camera.  Her flash went off while I was taking a picture and this weird picture was the result.

Kiree is a smear of color when she's hyper.


Cindy said...

Fun photos! Is Luke your best test subject, or is he just the most convenient?

Rosie said...

Yay! I'm glad you're doing something fun for you. And doing something with pictures makes it fun for all of us! As for the picture with the lines, I don't think it exactly pulls you into the picture, because the lines lead you past Luke's face, which should be the focus. Still, with all the other lines from the mat and the door and the staircase, I think the effect is quite interesting -- sort of mind-bending.

Mom/Janet said...

I like the lines. I think the lines from the banister and the lines from the flooring frame or lead to the irresistibly cute Luke. I think it is a great shot. Very good. Your post is making me want to take a photography class!

Meg said...

Luke is a good test subject since he's usually around, but he doesn't take direction very well :) I'm glad you guys liked the photos.