Saturday, March 30, 2013

More of March

It's been cold this month!  Today was nice though.  Here's a look back at the last week or so.

Monday was a Snow Day!  We finally got to go sledding.  The snow was pretty much all gone by the evening.
this is the most snow we've gotten since we moved in
Luke liked the snow, having an awesome snowsuit helps
I took all of these snow pictures with my cell phone, this one turned out pretty good for  taking it myself

5K- we did it!  Last Saturday we ran, er mostly walked a 5K at a neighboring elementary school.  It started and ended at a nearby shopping center.  We forgot to bring cameras, but they had someone taking photos at the finish line and they posted them online.

More photography class.  This week is the last week of my online photography class.  It has been fun and informative.  Here are some of the photos I submitted for homework and some others.
week 2: iso, I should have used a bit lower iso here as it was so bright, but it was a really cute picture
week 3: we learned about shutter speed and aperture.  My camera doesn't have settings to manually change those, but I  got a fast shutter speed for this shot using a sport continuous mode.
week 4: we learned about zooming in for a more interesting picture

I would have submitted this one if it hadn't turned out so blurry
these things are growing among the grass in the backyard


Cindy said...

That close-up picture of Luke is so stinkin' adorable! All the pictures are great, but that's my favorite.

Meg said...

I agree :)