Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lately in Pictures

he's still not walking yet, but he cruises and sometimes stands

the girls discovered that they could climb this little tree

Luke got his top teeth

the trampoline is a fun place to hang out and I good place for Luke while we're working on the garden

If you can't find Luke, he's probably headed up here to do this

resurrection rolls for Easter

I took this picture a while ago, I just thought it was cute


h51773 said...

I wouldn't have guessed that teeth brushing was a Ricks cousins trait, but if I can't find Madelyn it is because she is digging around in our tooth brush drawer to brush her teeth...

Janet Ricks said...

Rebecca didn't just brush teeth, she collected toothbrushes and used them for dolls, people and so on in her play.

Meg said...

Good to know Luke is in good company. Hopefully he'll keep it up when he's older and we can avoid cavities!