Monday, April 15, 2013

Luke at One

We survived another first year!  One year olds are so cute and fun.  Here is a little bit about Luke at one year old.

Luke has been feeding himself for a while now.  He enjoys drinking out of a regular cup and frequently even gets some into his mouth.  In sharp contrast to his sisters, Luke prefers water to juice.
Foods he likes: taco meat and beans, peas, sweet potatoes, yogurt, applesauce, cheese, pasta, toast with butter, tiny bites of ice cream (more than that is too cold for him!), guacamole, and lots of other stuff

Like a lot of other things, Luke has been a little slower to walk than his sisters were.  He really likes to strut around holding both hands of someone walking behind him.  He walked all the way home from school that way one afternoon.  He also cruises holding on to things and occasionally will stand all by himself and then quickly sit down.  He crawls around everywhere and climbs onto things.  One of his favorites is to climb the step stool in the kids bathroom and grab toothbrushes. He sort of brushes his four sharp little teeth.  Hopefully he will still be as excited about brushing his teeth when he gets bigger!

At his check up Luke weighed 20lbs 4.8oz (the girls didn't hit the 20lb mark until well after their first birthday).  He was 31.5" tall.  They are happy with his growth.

What Luke does for fun: Luke enjoys playing with Little People toys handed down from his sisters and a new set that got for his birthday.  Luke loves his sisters.  He loves to imitate them and be with them.  He doesn't love when they grab him, hug him too much, or take things away from him.  Luke loves cellphones.  He has a game on my phone called "baby toy."  Luke loves computers, but he is too rough and doesn't get to play with them for long, just until mom or dad notices.  Luke enjoys exploring new areas like the playground at school and the backyard.  He doesn't like when we've used the trampoline as a giant playpen while we've done yard work (at least he doesn't like it for too long).  He'd rather be crawling around in the dirt and grass.    He has figured out recently that he can get into drawers and cupboards and find fun things in them.

Luke loves his daddy and says da da a lot.  He says ma ma and yeah as well.  He is pretty good at letting us know what he wants at dinner time and sometimes he makes the sign for more to let us know he's still hungry.

Luke is a sweet little guy!