Thursday, April 4, 2013

We had a Six Flags day!

It's spring break this week so I thought we should try and do some stuff.  We have passes for our local Six Flags park this year and the park is open for spring break so we went on Monday, just me and the kiddos.
It was fairly warm until the wind picked up and it started to drizzle a bit.  We had a fun time and it wasn't crowded.
We learned some things.  Jaide is now too tall to ride on the little kid rides, some of them any way.  She is officially, even without shoes on, over 54" tall.  I do believe that means she can go on any of the big rides, even at the water park when that opens!  We went to the park for fright fest at the end of the season last year and she was at the magic spot where she could slouch for the kid rides and straighten up for the big rides.  We figured that would be the last time she'd ride those kid rides but it was still kind of weird to see her clearly above that line on Monday.  Don't cry for Jaide though, not all the kid rides have upper height limits and she'd rather go on the more exciting rides anyway.  Kiree is finally above 42" (we measured about 44" at home that evening) so she got to go on more rides than she used to as well.  The girls enjoyed going on this flying pirate ship thing none of us had ever gone on before.
the flying pirate ships
 Kiree had been on the swinging pirate ship before (not to be confused with the other pirate ships) but she was scared of it then.
you can see Kiree in the blue jacket in the very top row
 Kiree is scared no longer!  She and Jaide sat in the very last row for maximum ups and downs, not once, but twice!  Jaide and Kiree were happy to be able to go on rides together.
Jaide and Kiree's legs
Kiree is a bit bummed though because all of the roller coasters except for the kid one have height minimums of at least 48"  Will she grow 4" by October?  I don't know about that.
Luke on a stationary animal on the carousel
Jaide and Kiree picked tigers
 Luke and I got to go on some rides too.  We all went on the carousel and the antique cars (Kiree was our crazy driver).  We all went on most of the rides in the generic train themed kid section formerly know as Thomas Town.
taking a ride in the now faceless train
While I was waiting for the girls by the pirate rides I watched last year's new ride, a roller coaster called apocalypse.  It's a stand up roller coaster, like the iron wolf, I thought.  The iron wolf was a roller coaster at the Six Flags park near Chicago.  I learned when I got home and looked online that that ride is not just like the iron wolf, but is in fact the exact same roller coaster.  They dismantled the 21 year old roller coaster (that I'm pretty sure I rode on the year they opened it) and brought it to Maryland.  They've painted it and made it far cooler looking with apocalyptic themed stuff and fire!  I will have to ride that roller coaster some time when Bob is with us.  Jaide would have liked to ride it on Monday, but Kiree and Luke are too short and I had to stay with them.
Luke enjoyed this part of the playground
We only stayed at the park for about two and a half hours, but that is the nice thing about having season passes, you can stay just for as long as you feel like because you can always come back another day.  My plan for Luke to take his first nap on the ride to the park was a big fail but at least he napped for part of the longer ride home.

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Cindy said...

Sounds like fun. Jaide's getting really tall! That's just a foot shorter than me.