Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preschool Wrap Up

Kiree is done with preschool and she couldn't be happier!  I also don't mind having to make an extra trip up to school and back to pick her up.  In August she'll be a kindergartener and be at school all day like Jaide.

We managed to make it through the last days of preschool with much whining on Kiree's part.

The last preschool field trip was to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.  It was a day off of school for the county so Jaide came along too.  I found some old pictures of visits we made in 2009 and 2010 for comparison.



Luke was there too, he wasn't tall enough to reach the hole on his own

We had a pretty good day at the zoo.  Getting home was not as fun.  We had to take several self made detours as one entire street in downtown Baltimore (one that divided where we were from where we needed to go to get home) was shut down for President Obama's visit that day.  The homeless veteran I talked to ended up being more helpful than the police officer I talked to as far as finding out what was going on and how to get back home.  

The next week was Kiree's preschool commencement.  Bob, Luke, and I attended.  They played some games, sang, did "olympics" and showed off their work.  Luke enjoyed it very much.  

that's a medal around her neck

"performing" the Very Hungry Caterpillar

and this is the picture I got of Kiree getting her certificate, the real camera died at just the wrong moment

Kiree, her class, Miss Karen, and Mr. Jack (whose birthday is not April Fool's day)

They had one more day of class after commencement.  It was a "regular" day and the teacher packed up the room.  They are moving to the new elementary school next year.  I don't know what they will use this room for next year.  


Cindy said...

Wow. 2009 doesn't sound long ago at all, but the kids sure look older now.

Meg said...

I know, it always surprises me when the kids don't remember memorable stuff from a couple of years ago. At least it does until I remember they were only 2 years old or whatever.