Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Anniversity

That's what Kiree told us on our anniversary.  We celebrated our 11th anniversary on our 11th anniversary which also happened to be last Friday.  Bob took the day off.  I made crepes for breakfast and we went to the water park at Six Flags.  Kiree is finally tall enough to go on two of the tube rides.  Luke got to ride on my lap on the lazy river.  Jaide is now tall enough to go on every water ride, in fact, I think she's tall enough to go on every ride at the park (and too tall for the little kid rides).  The weather held out for us until it was time to go home.  It wasn't too crowded or too hot or cold.
Traffic was kind of bad coming home (it was raining and it was the beginning of rush hour on a Friday) so we had to stop and get the kids some fast food to take to their friends' house.  Their friends' mom babysat the kids for us and Bob and I went out to dinner.  We had to go home and change into nice clothes first.  Bob told me he was going to take me to a fancy restaurant.  He sent me an invite on google to Harryhausen's.  That is the name of the fancy restaurant that Mike takes Celia to in the movie Monsters Inc.  We were joking about this and I asked him if the reservations were under the name Googly Bear (that's in Monsters Inc too) and he told me yes.  I did not think he was serious, but no, he did in fact make the reservations under Google E. Bear at the fancy restaurant near our home.
Dinner was delicious and expensive (but Bob had a thing of course).  After dinner Bob took me to Best Buy to look at smart phones and tablets, a favorite pastime of Bob's.  We did not buy anything.  I did have Bob take this picture of me.  We really should have gotten more pictures that day.  I didn't get any at the amusement park at all.
We picked up the kids and went home.  Bob and the girls took the dogs for a walk while I got Luke ready for bed.  Bob called to let me know there was a huge, awesome rainbow outside.  We both got pictures of it with our phones.  I figured out how to take a panoramic photo on my phone but the clouds got in the way by the time I really figured it out.
Our house is the pot of gold!  Look close and see the double rainbow

The rainbow went all the way over to the trees on the right but then clouds got in the way


Jenny said...

Google E. Bear. Love it. :)

How do you take a panoramic photo with your phone? What kind of phone do you have?

Meg said...

It's an android samsung galaxy s. There was a little panorama icon so I pressed it and gave it a try.

Cindy said...

"Anniversity" sounds like it's only appropriate for anniversaries involving adversity. Or maybe universities. I'm not quite sure. It's a fun word, though.