Sunday, June 30, 2013

June-ish kidisms

K: I know the perfect time to escape from school..when nobody's looking!!
M: (to Bob) We have a swim shirt that is Luke's size but it's pink and white polka dots. L: laughs
K: I love washing the dishes! I'm going to always wash the dishes! (it didn't last)
J: (talking about a party she went to at a spa) we did face-i-cures.
J: How do you spell un-use-shun? (after much back and forth I finally figured out she was trying to spell unison).
L: ah-pa or ah-ba = apple, cheesh = cheese (and lots of other foods), shoos = shoes
J: denominator/thermometer
J: (getting mail out of the box) you've got mail. M: Do you know where that phrase comes from? J: Yeah, Elmo's world.
K: That's why I curse linguini!
K: Happy anniversity!

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