Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer times

Summer is the busy season for moms!  This year we're doing punch cards.  Jaide needs to get 12 punches and Kiree needs to get 10 to fill up a card and get a reward.  We made up a contract for each of the girls with a list of what they need to do to get punches.  They've been doing pretty well (it's designed to give frequent rewards) but we have sure had some of "those" kind of days!  So far the girls have gotten to go to see Monsters University and go to the amusement park.  They are well on their way to their next reward presently.
One of the things they have to help out with is the two dogs we're dogsitting.  They are still excited to feed them, take them on walks, and clean up their poop.  We'll see how long it lasts.  They very much want to get a dog and this is good for them to see what all is involved.
This week the girls have a drama camp.  Kiree asked what drama was and I told her, "you may not know the word, but you definitely know drama!"
Here are some unrelated pictures:
We got a new roof before school got out.  I should get a picture of the finished product.  The truck that delivered the shingles left four deep ruts in our yard- better that than a broken driveway!

I made some pudding pops the other night


We made pvc pipe bows and wooden dowel arrows at Activity day last week


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