Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Beach (House)

I really love going to the beach.  It's usually very relaxing.  I enjoy finding pretty shells for my collection.  I like to sit and watch the waves.  When it's not too cold I like going in the water as well.  I love the fact that the beach is like a giant sandbox for the kids to play in.  Going to the beach usually involves a long drive for us so it was nice to be staying in a nice house that was a short walk to the beach.  Apparently the week of Memorial day is the last week before the rental prices go way up.  
dressed for Memorial day
(aka America day as dubbed by a British fellow Bob used to work with)
It was a great week to go and the weather was awesome!  
this is a picture of the house from their website
from the top deck, you can kind of see the Currituck Beach Lighthouse in the distance
The house we stayed in had six bedrooms, two for each family.  It had a large kitchen/family/dining room on the top floor.  Most of the bedrooms were on the middle floor, and two were on the bottom floor.  The house had a pool and a hot tub as well.  One of the things all of the kids enjoyed the most was the various decks, especially the one up on the roof and the one off the girls room which had a hammock swing.  Although we were about two blocks from the ocean, we could see the ocean from the kitchen window and from the upper decks.  
The house had a lot of stuff like kitchen equipment and even two toy boxes.  There was plenty of room to hang out and tvs in each room (we're not used to that, but it was nice to give the girls a quiet option for something to do when they woke up with the sun).  It was nice to be with other families for several reasons.  Two really nice ones were because we took turns making dinner and because the kids entertained one another.  The days that we all went to the beach, the kids worked together to dig and build in the sand and they also had fun making up games and jumping into the waves.
I think the going to the beach might have been the kids' favorite activity.  Luke was a lot more mobile this trip than he was the last time we went to a beach.  He loved the sand and he loved the ocean.  He was not really scared of the waves.  He wanted to do what the big kids were doing.  He started really walking during this trip.
first day at the beach


I'm glad we brought this suit along for Luke even though it is 6-12mo size.
We got a lot of compliments on it.  It's so cute, kept the sun off a lot of his skin, and it fit pretty well.
 I bought it from gap.com several months ago, it's made by Junkfood.


Bob bought a kite

the big hole before it got really big

I took this from the pathway, our little beach spot

having fun in the water trapped on the shore at high tide


wet, compact sand is a good place to practice
your newly acquired walking skills

Luke flying a kite. Bob got the kite he bought going and handed it to Luke.
He held on for a little while and then let go.  

all of our kids plus more in the big hole (aka "hot tub")

posing for a family picture in the big hole our last day at the beach, Luke wasn't having it

we tried

Luke was not afraid of the ocean

the day it was just our family at the beach

you could walk really far out at low tide
finding interesting stuff at low tide
filling in a hole the girls made before we left, they decided to bury themselves first

Bob and I went for a walk on the beach one night.  It was interesting to see all the crabs skittering very quickly across the sand.  We didn't bring a flashlight and it got very dark.  We were glad we managed to find our way back to the pathway that led back to the house.  We decided to bring the girls out to the beach the last night we were there.  This time we brought a light and the camera.

they kind of blend in don't they?

heading back after watching crabs
It was a good trip.  We managed to avoid sunburn pretty much up until the last day.  Jaide got very tan.  Kiree and Luke got a tiny bit tan.  I got mostly tan and burned in a couple of spots.  We brought a lot of sunscreen and used a lot of it!
The girls were sad to leave.  We were very happy to find all well at home.  It was our first trip away since we moved in to our in August of '11!  

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