Friday, May 31, 2013

The End of May at the Elementary School

School doesn't end for Jaide until June 14th!  It was going to be later than that, but they waived the inclement weather makeup days.  We are glad about that.  May was a busy month at the elementary school.  I wrote about the first week of the month already and now here's the rest. 

Jaide's string concert 
Jaide has been learning to play the cello this year at school.  May 13th was her spring concert.  It was also the last PTA meeting of the year and officer elections.  I went to some of both.  I watched Jaide and the rest of the beginners play.  They did a good job.  I was elected treasurer for our PTA.  

Enrichment Fair
Jaide also participated in an enrichment program at school this year.  The program she was in was called Unbind the Mind.  It was about word puzzles and riddles.  Near the end of the year each year all of the kids who particpate in gifted and talented and enrichment programs present what they've done at the enrichment fair.  During the day they present to other students and in the evening to students, parents, and friends.  

team Bob, Luke, and Kiree at the start
The 5K
the kids who ran with the school mascot
This year four of us signed up for the school's 5K.  I didn't know if Kiree would finish and she didn't but she did do most of it.  Bob carried Luke in the pack since strollers weren't allowed.  I took Luke (and Kiree) from him after I finished so he could run the last bit.  I didn't do as well as my first one.  I think I did it in around 33 minutes.  I never found out the official time since apparently the company running the race goofed up all the times- yikes!  Jaide took longer but finished all on her own (she started with me, was with Bob a little while, and with her friends).   She finished before her (and probably Kiree's future) kindergarten teacher.   

Field trip
That's Jaide with the rolled up jeans
one of the critters
yay! a peacock!

I finally got to chaperon one of Jaide's field trips.  We went to a nearby farm to learn about plants, composting, and things that live in the creek.  I've been to this farm several times before, but never at this time of year.  The first activity our group did was take a hayride to the creek.  Then we walked into the creek and used metal sieves to find creatures in the water.  One area of the creek suddenly got very deep and some of the kids decided to go swimming!  The warning from the teachers beforehand that there were no towels and that if they got their clothes wet, they would be wet all day were quickly forgotten.  Some kids asked if there were towels afterward (guess they missed that part).  Jaide only got her pant legs wet.  I wore shorts and both of us wore water shoes, so we weren't too bad off.  We then got to learn about composting and worms.  We ended up having to leave shortly after that so we missed out on feeding the goats and potting plants.  They sent several already potted plants along on the bus so all the kids could have one.  Jaide brought home basil.  

Here are two of the videos I took at Jaide's concert

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