Friday, June 21, 2013

The End of School

So far, summer has been good. Here's a recap of the end of school.

Field day got postponed because of rain. The rain date also got rained out so they had it indoors.  The third grade picnic was also indoors.  Luke, Kiree, and I came for the picnic.  The third graders get to grow a garden and eat salad made from the garden produce at the picnic.  The girls discovered that they don't mind radishes or beets cut up small in a salad.
I think Jaide watched movies every day the last week of school.  The last three days were half days.  It was a busy time.  We made a big cookie for a end of the year present for Jaide's teacher.  
Tuesday of that week, Bob gave Luke a haircut.  I took Like and Kiree to get pictures the day before.  I think Luke looked younger without his long, curly baby mullet.  It looks like his hair still has some curl to it.  I guess we'll see how it looks when it grows out more.

We went to the American Visionary Art Museum the Saturday before school got out.  A while back the girls made a bunch of art out of construction paper and hung it up in the living room.  They called it the museum of fine art.  Somewhere along the line I think one of them accidentally said museum of fine fart.  Then that became a running joke.  There was a display at the museum we went to about flatulence.  A real "museum of fine farts."  The girls were amused.

The girls were wearing their matching "hooray for summer" shirts
For the last day of school, Kiree and I dragged the girls' bikes to school to pick up Jaide.  There was much complaining from Kiree, but in the end she managed to ride around (with training wheels!) and not too many tears.  Jaide had a lot of fun.  Luke was ready for a nap.  

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