Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drama Camp

One more thing about July and we can move on to August!
The week of July 4th, the girls both participated in a drama camp.  Kiree is a very dramatic girl and she did pretty well with the performing type of dram as well.  Jaide did well too despite being a little more nervous.   The program was actual about making reality TV shows and commercials.  The presentation they put on for the parents on the last day was so weird.  I expected to see the videos of what they had done.  They did show the videos of the kids introducing themselves and the videos of the commercials they had made but not the shows they had spent the most time on.  After we watched the taped commercials, several of the kids acted out their commercials on the stage.  It was weird.  The weirdest thing though is that they charged for tickets if you needed more than the two per student.  I shake my head.  Eventually, like several weeks later, they sent out an email with a link to the video of all they had done.  If I can figure out how to just post part of it I will but for now, here is what I filmed at the parent presentation- Jaide and Kiree's commercial for star shampoo.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I was going to post about 4th of July too

  Here are some pictures from the fourth of July.  We were dog sitting two dogs this summer.

we took the dogs for a walk up to the school

Luke found a deflated ball

and a soccer ball was also found

We tried to go to Catonsville to see fireworks, but we couldn't find any place to park so we headed to Columbia and caught the show from 29.  The girls were mad we didn't get out of the car and we still ended up getting stuck in traffic trying to come back around

I made watermelon, coconut, blueberry popsicles!

Aunts not Ants

I'm still trying to catch up on blogging!  We had a wonderful visit with Bob's sisters Cindy and Becky.  They got in late the Monday after Jaide's birthday and stayed until the following Tuesday.  We played lots of games and hung out.  On Wednesday we went to Fort McHenry.  We had never been there despite living pretty close to it.  That is where the rockets red glare and bombs burst in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.  We've seen the original star spangled banner at the Smithsonian and now we've been to where it famously flew.  

There were some rooms inside the fort you could go inside

even some jail cells!

Lots of cannons.  It's weird to think that the Fort McHenry tunnel goes under the water out there.

We were there near closing time and the kids got to help change the flag.  This is a small replica of the star spangled banner.  They put up "the president's flag" (ie the most recent one) since there is always to be a flag flying over Fort McHenry 24/7

the ranger talking about the flags

another girl helps raise the flag

Bob and the girls helped fold the SSB replica flag

On Thursday we finally took Bob's kayak out for a spin.  We went to the Daniels area of Patapsco State park.  It was a nice place to kayak.  We took turns going out three at a time.  I only got a picture of Bob, Becky, and two of the kids.  It's not a great picture, sorry.Thursday night was activity day and Becky and Cindy were very nice to come along and help supervise the annual pool party.  

Friday we took the aunts to Six Flags.  We drove past the place in Beltsville where Cindy had a summer internship during college.  It looks a lot different these days.  I didn't get many pictures at the park but here are two of Luke and Kiree in the kids section

it was surprisingly hard to get a picture of the kids on this ride with my cellphone

this was not taken on Saturdcay
We took Cindy (and everyone else) to Cindy's Softserve on Saturday.  The girls used to call it Aunt Cindys. 
stole Cindy's picture
On Monday we drove down to DC to visit some museums.  After we read Owney The Mail Pouch Pooch a couple of years ago, we wanted to see the real Owney at the Postal Museum.
 He is stuffed and on display with several of the metal tags he got on his adventures riding the rails with the mail.
Bob and Owney statue
There were some other interesting things at the postal museum.  

the littlest tourist
The Postal Museum closed at 5:30, so we had to leave.  We decided to head over to the Natural History Museum since it was open late that day.  It was much more interesting than I remembered it being on our previous visit about seven years before.  We closed that museum down as well.  I'd like to go back and spend more time there soon.

It took us a long time to find the jade in the hall of gems and minerals, but we did!
There was a really interesting exhibit about Jamestown and forensic anthropology.  (Jaide took these and other pictures)  This is a reconstruction of the face of a 14 year old girl who died in Jamestown.  There was evidence of cannibalism going on found in the bones left behind.  It had been assumed because of the history of the "starving time."  Very few people in the settlement survived that time.
Other parts of the exhibit were about forensic anthropology in general.  We got shooed out before we got to the end of this exhibit as it was closing time.  

The girls were sad to say goodbye on Tuesday but they had a lot of fun with their aunts.  Jaide took this picture while we were playing Seven Wonders.   Jaide enjoyed playing this game with her aunts.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jaide's 9th

I'm a little behind in blogging July.  We celebrated Jaide's ninth birthday with a trip to Build a Bear the day before. 

Luke was a little crazy because it was nap time
 Jaide made a dog, Luke made a bear dressed in a jedi outfit (well basically Bob did it for him), and Kiree made a rainbow dash.  They have a lot of stuff you can buy for your bear, it's pretty crazy!  
We did not buy underpants for them although they had many bear sized ones available for purchase.  It was a good thing I looked up the Build a Bear website before we went because the one nearest us is gone.  We had to go up to Towson to build some bears.  Since we were up that way anyway and Ikea had free* lunch, we stopped at the Baltimore Ikea for a lot of eating and a little of shopping.  
different kind of stuffed

On Sunday (Jaide's actual birthday) we had birthday cake.  Jaide wanted the famous kit kat and m&m cake. It was delicious.  It took many days to finish.  The m&ms got a little weird in the fridge.  

In addition to the build a bear, we got Jaide some books for her birthday.  She read all of the 6th Harry Potter book in the time between after dinner and before lunch the next day.  She said it was too short!  


Kiree a little worried

We had a fun time celebrating our sweet oldest child!