Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drama Camp

One more thing about July and we can move on to August!
The week of July 4th, the girls both participated in a drama camp.  Kiree is a very dramatic girl and she did pretty well with the performing type of dram as well.  Jaide did well too despite being a little more nervous.   The program was actual about making reality TV shows and commercials.  The presentation they put on for the parents on the last day was so weird.  I expected to see the videos of what they had done.  They did show the videos of the kids introducing themselves and the videos of the commercials they had made but not the shows they had spent the most time on.  After we watched the taped commercials, several of the kids acted out their commercials on the stage.  It was weird.  The weirdest thing though is that they charged for tickets if you needed more than the two per student.  I shake my head.  Eventually, like several weeks later, they sent out an email with a link to the video of all they had done.  If I can figure out how to just post part of it I will but for now, here is what I filmed at the parent presentation- Jaide and Kiree's commercial for star shampoo.

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