Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kathy 2

Kathy pictures from the amusement park
Here's the rest of what we did with Kathy and Rusty (and more pictures!)
not bowling, but a different wii game
Kathy and one of the moms helped out at activity day
On Thursday we had a low key day at home.  The girls taught Asher how to play 100 pin bowling on the wii.    That evening was activity day at church and Kathy came and helped out.  We made ice cream in ziploc bags.
the Wright Brother's plane
Friday was our day in DC.  We drove in and parked on the street.  We ended up using three different parking spots, the last of which was even free!  It was great.  We started out at the Air and Space Museum. That one is always a favorite. 
After the air and space museum we had lunch on the mall near the capitol.  It was a little wet because it had rained.  It rained after lunch too but Bob was the only one who got wet since he went to move the car.
our last parking spot right by the Smithsonian castle
After lunch Kathy's family went to the National Gallery of Art.  Our girls really wanted to go to the American History Museum so we split up and looked for clues.  Kathy and company ended up meeting up with us at the American History Museum because it was open late and the Art museum closed not too long after they got there.  We had to see the ruby slippers of course.  And Kermit the frog is in there too.   The biggest reason Jaide wanted to come to the American History Museum was to see Harry Potter's costume from the first Harry Potter movie.  Kiree and I saw it when we visited with my friend Nancy earlier in the year.  We also saw the first ladies' dresses.  Jaide wanted a picture with her favorite dress (Laura Bush's).  Kiree wanted a picture with her favorite (Hilary Clinton's).  That little photo bombing boy was making a much crazier face a few seconds before the photo snapped.  
Saturday was their last day with us.  As they were getting ready to leave, we played more wii and also shot off the water bottle rocket.  Jaide got this picture with the sport continuous mode on my camera.

We used the rain barrel water to fill it up and that worked well.  We also played some lego rock band and guitar hero with them while they were here.  It was a fun time.  

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Rosie said...

I remember loving the First Lady dresses, too, when I visited there as a kid. Sounds like it was a great visit!