Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kathy Visit

string instrument band, as opposed to Lego
Rock band on the wii which we also played
My sister and her family came out for a visit.  We were so happy they could.
babies!  these guys are one month apart
The kids had fun with their cousins.  Here's what we did the first half of the week.
On Monday we went to Patapsco state park and saw the waterfall.  The kids ended up getting all wet.  
he's sad because he wanted to get into the waterfall itself
The girls ended up wearing random stuff I had in the trunk of the van.  I had a pair of pajamas for Luke in the diaper bag.  We got a picture for my mom of all of her grand kids.  There was much complaining about the walk to see the dam but at least the babies fell asleep eventually!  The kids also got to play at the playground for a while.

We drove down to Assateague Island on Tuesday.  Bob went in to work on Monday and Tuesday, so he missed out on those days.  Rusty had never gotten to swim in the Atlantic ocean before.  He was a fan.  We got there at about lunch time, so we had lunch in the van before we got changed and went to the beach.  I didn't want to eat at the beach because horses.  We didn't see any horses on the beach this time, but we did see their poop!  We learned a valuable lesson during this trip- you can in fact get sunburned on an overcast day.  Kiree declared it the worst beach day ever because we so thoughtlessly only brought flimsy plastic shovels for digging and there was no "hot tub" dug into the sand.


We did finally see a horse when we were getting ready to leave.  Apparently Kathy was at the shower thing when it came up and passed right by her.  We saw a few more on the drive out.

We got season passes to our local Six Flags park this year and they always give out a coupon book with some bring a friend free days.  The Wednesday my sister and her family were here happened to be one of those bring a friend days- what luck!  Now that Jaide is big enough to go on all the roller coasters, we took turns with each couple either going with Jaide or with all the littler ones.

one ride everyone can go on- the carousel!

We all went on the antique car ride too (in the background here)

I found a great place to park, right by a little island of grass and trees.  We had a picnic lunch there.

We didn't go to the water park this visit, but the water pad at the  'generic train' kids area was a big hit

Luke's first ride on a kiddie ride
We stopped at a Chick-fil-a for dinner on the way home.  That's always a good way to avoid the sadness of having to leave the park.

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