Friday, August 30, 2013

A quick trip to Chicago: part 1

In mid August we took a very quick trip to Chicago to see some family members.  Luke got to meet his grandpa, little great-grandma, and his great uncle and aunt for the first time. 
stopped for lunch at McDonalds on the way.  The kids loved the toys but not the food.
Chicago!  in traffic

Our first stop was my dad's house.  It was nice to hang out at his house for a while after the long car ride.  We drove half way the night before, stopping outside of Cleveland, but it was still a long drive to Chicago.  Due to traffic, the last half hour of the trip took over an hour.  Instead of going to Giordano's for pizza, we got some delivered and ate at my dad's house.  I was very glad not to have to stick the kids back in the car or keep them occupied at a restaurant.  The girls enjoyed watching a Scooby Doo movie and the end of Ghostbusters while we were there.  
Jaide forgot to pack an outfit for church, so I had to improvise
The next day was Sunday so after church we had a little picnic in a park we found.  Afterwards we went to see my grandma.  We visited with her and my aunt and played some uno.  The girls loved playing uno no matter how many times we did.
in the garden behind the nursing home

Luke took turns trying to steal our cards, running around,
entertaining some of the old folks, and going outside with daddy

On the way back to our hotel (we stayed near O'Hare) we saw a van tipped over on it's side.  Good thing that wasn't our exit because the ramp was shut down.

On Monday we came back to Little (great) Grandma's place and took her out for the day.  We had lunch at Colonial, a restaurant famous for it's icecream and which grandma had taken my siblings and I many times when we were kids.  The girls were super excited to get dessert there.  Luke shared.  I had a brownie milkshake which was so delicious!  After lunch we went to a nearby park with a playground.  Grandma seemed to enjoy watching the kids play and telling me about how she used to like to make a picnic to eat at that park with her husband.

I got this picture before we dropped grandma off at her place.  My grandma is not super tall, just a little bit taller than Jaide right now.  We brought a step stool along to help her get into our van.  She did great getting in and out with a little help.  She is 92 years old and will be 93 this November!

Our hotel was next to an Aldi's.  Bob went over to get some stuff one evening and Luke was intent on watching out the window for him.

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