Friday, August 30, 2013

A Quick Trip to Chicago: part 2 Great America

Since we have season passes to Six Flags this year, we had to make a trip up to Great America.  Great America is up in Gurnee, IL not too far from the Wisconsin border.  This is the amusement park of my youth.  We brought the girls here a few years ago on our last visit to Chicago at Fright Fest time and way back in the summer of 2008 when Kiree was just a baby.  
We got to the park at opening time and tried to make the most of it.  It was a good thing because it got crowded as the day went on.  Bob took the girls on the demon.  Kiree was excited to be tall enough to go on a big rollercoaster.  She was less excited after going on it.  That ride does bang your head around quite a bit (hence I was happy to let Bob go on it).  But now Kiree has been on an upside down rollercoaster!  Luke and I wandered a little bit and I saw a newer rollercoaster called x flight that looked like fun.  When I met up with Bob and the girls I took Jaide on that ride.  It was really fun.  Bob got a chance to ride it with Jaide too.  The line got way longer later in the day, so it's a good thing we got on that ride when we did.  

Kiree and Luke climbing in the kid area
this was the first ride of the day for Luke

The viper wooden rollercoaster was running backwards and Bob wanted to ride it, but the line was insane all day long (even first thing)!  I was happy I got to take the girls on the roaring rapids (raft ride).  We did get pretty wet but dried out eventually.  

We just had to go on the scooby doo ride!  Luke now calls him doo doo.

one of the rides Jaide was too big for these days

Two "adults" couldn't ride in the same berry so Jaide was on her own

We spent a little while at the water park as well.  Kiree decided she did not like most of the water park rides.  She decided to head back down all the stairs we had climbed by herself rather than go down one of the water slides with me.  It wasn't super hot that day so the lines at the water park were pretty much non existent.  

Got a picture with Daffy duck

Luke enjoying a squeezy while Bob and the girls rode the bumper cars

Luke wasn't allowed to ride anything but the sleigh on the carousel and he was not happy about it

Posing in front of the carousel at the end of the day

We brought some food along and had a lunch picnic in the van.  We decided to head out for dinner.  We decided to cross the border to Wisconsin since no one but me had been there before.  We couldn't seem to find a place to eat nearby so we headed back down to Gurnee to eat at the Gurnee Mills Mall.  It was getting pretty late by the time we were finishing up dinner and we hadn't brought any pjs for Luke or the girls.  I decided to check out the Crazy 8 store and we ended up buying the kids each a pair of pajamas and some other stuff.  

Luke was a tired boy.  It was closing time at the mall.

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