Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Quick Trip to Michigan (and Ohio)

On Thursday we headed back east and somewhat north to visit Bob's brother Russell and sister in law Jen.  The kids were very excited to play with their cousins!  Their youngest is two weeks younger than Luke.  Luke is a lucky boy in the close in age boy cousins department.  They made us dinner and then we all got to play in the common area behind their town home.  

Thanks for letting us visit guys!  After saying goodbye, we headed back to the same hotel we stayed at on the way out in Strongsville, Oh.  The next day, after a swim in the hotel pool, we finished our trek back and made it home at about 6pm.  


Cindy said...

You sure got lots of cute pictures of the kiddos.

I noticed Andrew's sitting with Bob in the first picture. Are they still pals like they were at the reunion?

Meg said...

Thanks Cindy! I think he is still a Bob fan. I heard that he really enjoyed using Bob's plate when they visited your parents.