Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jaide's 9th

I'm a little behind in blogging July.  We celebrated Jaide's ninth birthday with a trip to Build a Bear the day before. 

Luke was a little crazy because it was nap time
 Jaide made a dog, Luke made a bear dressed in a jedi outfit (well basically Bob did it for him), and Kiree made a rainbow dash.  They have a lot of stuff you can buy for your bear, it's pretty crazy!  
We did not buy underpants for them although they had many bear sized ones available for purchase.  It was a good thing I looked up the Build a Bear website before we went because the one nearest us is gone.  We had to go up to Towson to build some bears.  Since we were up that way anyway and Ikea had free* lunch, we stopped at the Baltimore Ikea for a lot of eating and a little of shopping.  
different kind of stuffed

On Sunday (Jaide's actual birthday) we had birthday cake.  Jaide wanted the famous kit kat and m&m cake. It was delicious.  It took many days to finish.  The m&ms got a little weird in the fridge.  

In addition to the build a bear, we got Jaide some books for her birthday.  She read all of the 6th Harry Potter book in the time between after dinner and before lunch the next day.  She said it was too short!  


Kiree a little worried

We had a fun time celebrating our sweet oldest child!

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