Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Quick Trip to Chicago: Part 3 Bob's Birthday

This first part is for my sister Kathy.  Kathy has been doing genealogy research on our mom's side of the family lately and she found out that one set of our great great great grandparents are buried in the town that my parents grew up in and where my grandma lives (she also grew up there too).  With the help of the internet I was able to find out which section their grave is in (it's a very large cemetery).  Once we found the section, we split up and looked for clues.  
We had a hard time figuring out what this said
I think it's a military marker, indicating his military service
We made a rubbing of it.  I think the bottom line says
177th ILL. INF.
Bob found the grave.  Kathy was wondering if there were any other relatives buried nearby but there weren't so far as we could tell.  She was wondering about great great great great grandpa, but he probably died before this cemetery opened.  We used to come to this cemetery on Memorial day when I was a young teen but I don't think we ever saw this grave.  I asked Little grandma about it and she said she had visited it before (these are her great grand parents).
Some pictures Bob took of us at the grave

There are some cool old monuments in that cemetery

After we found that grave, we decided to visit my paternal grandparents grave site.  I didn't know what section it was in so I just sort of told Bob which direction to go based on my memory.  I told him to stop at one section that looked somewhat familiar and we wandered all around.  I remembered a tree being nearby and Jaide took that description and found the grave.  

My grandmother's ashes are buried here as well but she doesn't have a headstone yet
When we were done at the cemetery we stopped for some lunch and then headed over to Little grandma's place.  We played many rounds of uno.  Bob and Luke went to check in at the hotel where we were staying that night and Luke got a nap in.  We hadn't been sure where we would be on Bob's birthday so we hadn't made reservations for that night before we left.  We ended up staying closer to Little grandma's place that night.  
Wednesday was the day that my Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Rick were off work so we could spend some time with them.  We all went out for some tasty pizza.  Luke learned how to say pizza during this trip!

After dinner my aunt and uncle took us out for icecream in honor of Bob's birthday.

note the "over the hill" candle in the background

Aunt Cynthia was prepared!  She had some birthday confetti in her purse
left over from her birthday which Bob used to spell out his name
After icecream we had to say goodbye to everyone because we had to leave early the next day to drive to Michigan and then on to Cleveland area.

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