Sunday, September 22, 2013

the PTA and other school stuff

This year I'm the treasurer for our elementary school PTA.  I ended up with this job because no one else wanted to do it.  It is a lot of work sometimes but I manage.  You get very involved in what's going on when you handle the money.  I get to stamp all of the checks we receive and I'm one of the signers on every check we write.  I'm not looking forward to all of the paperwork I will have to do eventually, but I don't mind the day to day stuff.

The previous treasurer has been a great help and she is willing to continue to help me get things figured out. The president has also been great to work with.  The people you work with make all the difference.

In addition to this position with the PTA, I signed up to be a room mom in the girls' classrooms.  I don't think there will actually be too much involved with that, but hopefully it will be a way to get to know what is going on with the girls' classes.  I volunteered in Kiree's class for the first time last Friday and it was fun.  I'm hoping to come in once a month to volunteer and to trade babysitting with some of the moms from church who live nearby.  I'm sure Luke will be coming in once in a while too.  He has come with me several mornings already to pick up money and to write checks.  He also comes with me every time I go to make deposits at the bank.  He's a lot happier now that I let him get a piece out of the bank's candy jar.

The girls are pretty happy so far with school.  Kiree is doing very well with reading thanks to Jaide teaching her.  She really loves school and can't wait to go in the mornings.  Jaide is loving GT math as well as learning about rocks, planets, and Maryland history.  They both have field trips coming up next month which I will not be going on.  Bob might go on Jaide's if he's needed.  It's a full school day trip.  I am planning to go if I'm needed to trips that they will be having later on in the year.  The kindergarten goes to the zoo at the end of the year and the fourth grade goes on a really cool trip in May.

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