Thursday, October 31, 2013


On Halloween the girls had a costume parade at school.  They had to pick a vocabulary word that described their costume to wear.  Jaide was spunky and Kiree was saccharine.  I couldn't find the camera and my phone was dead at the time so I didn't get any pictures.  The principal did get this picture of Luke greeting the school mascot and she put it in the school newsletter. 

After school and after dinner some of our friends came over to go trick or treating with us.  We had a fun time and Luke seemed to get the hang of it by the end.  He never got the saying "trick or treat" part, but he was good about saying thank you after getting candy.  Unfortunately Jaide lost the pair of glasses she had brought with her and put in her hoodie pocket.  We looked for them again but still haven't found them.  The kids all got a lot of candy!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Saturday night was the Trunk or Treat at church.  They had a chili cookoff, games for the kids, a costume parade, and the actual trunk or treating part.  Somebody brought caramel apples, they were good!  There was a backdrop and someone taking pictures.  It was nice to get a picture of all of us together in our costumes.  This year we did Wreck it Ralph.  Kiree wanted to be this random Sugar Rush racer.  Apparently her name is Citrusella Flugpucker.  She is pretty much a background character, but she was Kiree's favorite!  Jaide was Vanellope Von Schweetz.  Bob is Ralph.  I was Sargent Calhoun and Luke was Fix it Felix Jr.
Kiree hated the wig and only wore it until the family photo because we made her.  

One More Day at Frightfest

This one was actually taken the Friday before
This one too

We went to Six Flags for the last weekend of Fright Fest on Saturday.  The kids were excited to go on the little trick or treat trail.  They ended up with little bags stuffed full of stuff (mostly gum samples).  Luke was happy to be able to go on the little kid rides.  He went on the kid roller coaster with me and the girls. 
The kids wore their costumes since the trunk or treat at church was that evening.  We went straight to church from Six Flags
The girls like this pirate ship ride

A Little About Luke

Luke is 18 months!  He went to nursery for the first time and did great!  Bob stayed with him for about 10 minutes and then left.  Luke is a cute little guy.  Here is a little bit about what he's like these days.

Luke's new favorite word is "huh?"  He says it a lot.  People always understand it and then repeat whatever they've said to him, but that often just means he says it again and again.  It's a little annoying sometimes.  I think he picked it up from me though.  Oops.

Luke and I have started going to a playgroup run by one of our neighbors on Monday mornings.  It's at a library across the county line from us.  So far he's been once and seemed to really enjoy it.

Luke had his 18 month check up and he is 35 1/2 inches tall and almost 24lbs (he had been sick the week before and not much into eating).  Luke does not like getting checked out at the doctor's office.  He hates getting his head measured almost as much as he hates getting a shot!

Lately Luke has been really into balls.  He has a basketball, a giant tennis ball, two regular tennis balls, and every other ball he finds in the house.  We recently got a little tykes basketball hoop at the thrift store.  It was quite the score!  He can just barely lift the ball up as high as he can reach to get it into the hoop.  Luke loves to point out balls in books and on his clothes.  He goes after any stray balls left out on the school yard.  He was kicking one around quite skillfully (for an 18mo) this afternoon while we were waiting for the girls to get out of school.

Luke's favorite TV show is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  He sometimes likes Sesame Street, but Daniel Tiger is the hands down favorite.  Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is an animated show based on characters from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

Luke calls Jaide "dade" and Kiree is "dee dee" or "key."  Lately he has started saying "bunny!"  We're not sure what he's referring to.   There is no bunny.  We're also confused about "beesh!" 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Fun Day!

The girls had a day off of school last week (two weeks ago now).  It was actually one half day and then a day off of school right before a weekend.  It would have been the perfect time to go away for a long weekend, but with the government shut down and Bob having to make up time off for going on Jaide's field trip, going away was not going to work.  I decided I'd take the kids to do something fun for their day off.  I printed out a coupon for discounted tokens and took the kids to Chuck e Cheese for a couple of hours of play time Friday morning.  It was a little bit crazy, but manageable crazy.  The worst thing that happened was probably Luke trying to steal other people's skee-balls, but he's a cute little guy and people were quick to forgive.  The kids all had fun and then we went home and had lunch before Luke's nap time.

During nap time the girls were reasonably quiet.  I offered to play a board game with the girls but they preferred to watch one of the movies they got from the library.  I ended up spray painting some stuff.  I tried spray painting our girly little plastic tricycle some less girly colors, but that paint can lied about covering plastic!  It's already scraped off in several places.
I made lasagne for dinner and once Bob came home and we all ate, we headed out again for more fun.  We went down to Six Flags for fright fest.  Jaide and Bob rode on the superman roller coaster.  I took the other kids on the carousel while they waited in line and rode.  Luke liked the first ride, but not the second and so we wandered around a bit after that.  We went over to the basketball game to watch for a bit.  Luke seriously loves balls, so I figured he'd enjoy watching.  Nobody was playing the game for a while and one of the girls running the game came up to Luke and tried to give him one of the balls.  At first he was a little scared, but then he decided it was cool.  He took the ball and she let him come in the game area and try to "make a basket."  Kiree joined him, but neither one got the ball anywhere near the basket.  Then someone wanted to play and it was time to go.  Luke was reluctant to leave, so I had to come and get him.  Shortly after that Bob and Jaide came back and we headed home.
As we were leaving they were handing out free samples of gum.  The kids were so excited except for the part in the car where we made them hold their wrapped up gum they didn't want to chew any more all the way home and meanly forced them to throw it in the trash can. 

watching a rollercoaster

on the carousel

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kidisms from September and October

J: Mommy, this apple tastes weird. M: That's a nectarine.

M: (sweetly) What's my little guy up to? L: (quickly) nah-tin!

Luke's favorite new word in October: huh?!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


This is not what was used to cut our hair

All of us girls got haircuts last Saturday.  Kiree was happy to get a haircut.  Jaide did not want to get her hair cut.  I was sick of my long stringy hair.  Kiree ended up looking just fine.  The hair dresser sort of blow dried her hair straight. I think Jaide looked really cute even though her hair is a lot shorter than she wanted it (she didn't want to get her hair cut at all, but she needed it!)  She eventually got over it.  I ended up first with somewhat shorter hair.  Then the hairdresser asked me if I wanted more layers cut into the top part.
phase 1 of my haircut (and Kiree's finger)
I said okay and then I ended up with a mullet.  I felt like everyone was staring at me the rest of the day at the mall.  I ended up putting my hair into a pony tail for church on Sunday.  I didn't get a picture, but I looked kind of like Peter Pan from the 1990s cartoon, only worse.  Monday morning I just couldn't get it to look presentable so I wore a hat to take the girls to school.  When I got home, I chopped the mullet off.  I think it looks better now.  This is kind of what I had wanted in the first place.  The girls of course say that my hair looks "weird" and that it looked better longer.
The girls haircuts (and Luke just wanted to be in the picture too)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

October kid-isms

Luke's favorite new word: huh?!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just for Dads

Earlier in the month Bob took the kids to the Just for Dads fall festival at school.  Just for Dads is a program two of the male staff members started to try and get dads/grandpas/uncles more involved with the school.  They had hotdogs and the girls got their faces painted.
The kids had a fun time.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Not So Typical Day in the Life

October 5th was a busy day.  We ran in a 5K race in the morning.  We came home and started some home projects including power washing the door to the garage.  
The label on the door says it must be painted within 45 days of installation or the warranty is voided.  I think that warranty was void long ago

The door is finally painted now, who knows how many years later!

I painted this wall while listening to General Conference.  You can see how far I got if you look up at the top.  It's a tall wall!  

I will need to finish the job at some point.