Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Little About Luke

Luke is 18 months!  He went to nursery for the first time and did great!  Bob stayed with him for about 10 minutes and then left.  Luke is a cute little guy.  Here is a little bit about what he's like these days.

Luke's new favorite word is "huh?"  He says it a lot.  People always understand it and then repeat whatever they've said to him, but that often just means he says it again and again.  It's a little annoying sometimes.  I think he picked it up from me though.  Oops.

Luke and I have started going to a playgroup run by one of our neighbors on Monday mornings.  It's at a library across the county line from us.  So far he's been once and seemed to really enjoy it.

Luke had his 18 month check up and he is 35 1/2 inches tall and almost 24lbs (he had been sick the week before and not much into eating).  Luke does not like getting checked out at the doctor's office.  He hates getting his head measured almost as much as he hates getting a shot!

Lately Luke has been really into balls.  He has a basketball, a giant tennis ball, two regular tennis balls, and every other ball he finds in the house.  We recently got a little tykes basketball hoop at the thrift store.  It was quite the score!  He can just barely lift the ball up as high as he can reach to get it into the hoop.  Luke loves to point out balls in books and on his clothes.  He goes after any stray balls left out on the school yard.  He was kicking one around quite skillfully (for an 18mo) this afternoon while we were waiting for the girls to get out of school.

Luke's favorite TV show is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  He sometimes likes Sesame Street, but Daniel Tiger is the hands down favorite.  Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is an animated show based on characters from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

Luke calls Jaide "dade" and Kiree is "dee dee" or "key."  Lately he has started saying "bunny!"  We're not sure what he's referring to.   There is no bunny.  We're also confused about "beesh!" 

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h51773 said...

Luke's 18 month stats are Madelyn's 2 year stats exactly... It's looking like Luke has officially caught her (though I know that she's grown in the last 3 months) and by the time we see him will definitely be bigger.