Sunday, October 20, 2013


This is not what was used to cut our hair

All of us girls got haircuts last Saturday.  Kiree was happy to get a haircut.  Jaide did not want to get her hair cut.  I was sick of my long stringy hair.  Kiree ended up looking just fine.  The hair dresser sort of blow dried her hair straight. I think Jaide looked really cute even though her hair is a lot shorter than she wanted it (she didn't want to get her hair cut at all, but she needed it!)  She eventually got over it.  I ended up first with somewhat shorter hair.  Then the hairdresser asked me if I wanted more layers cut into the top part.
phase 1 of my haircut (and Kiree's finger)
I said okay and then I ended up with a mullet.  I felt like everyone was staring at me the rest of the day at the mall.  I ended up putting my hair into a pony tail for church on Sunday.  I didn't get a picture, but I looked kind of like Peter Pan from the 1990s cartoon, only worse.  Monday morning I just couldn't get it to look presentable so I wore a hat to take the girls to school.  When I got home, I chopped the mullet off.  I think it looks better now.  This is kind of what I had wanted in the first place.  The girls of course say that my hair looks "weird" and that it looked better longer.
The girls haircuts (and Luke just wanted to be in the picture too)


Cindy said...

Everyone looks great! I really like your haircut. And that is an awfully cute picture of Luke. Becky and I agree that your kids are ridiculously photogenic.

kathy said...

Your hair looks really good! Also, any haircut is better than a mullet. A mullet is never the answer. And we must have funky hair because stylists always have a hard time layering mine.
The girls' hair is really cute too.

Rosie said...

I started to tell Mom, "I like Meg's bob," and it made me laugh.