Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's hard to take good pictures

We took some family pictures at Target at the end of August since they had a CD deal (that is the way I prefer to get pictures from there).  It is hard to get a good family picture.  Kiree has a sweater that matches Jaide's but she refused to wear it.  It was actually a pretty warm day.  I should have just brought it along for her to put on just for the pictures.  Oh well.  Luke really doesn't like taking pictures here although he was happier not having to sit just with Kiree (I'll post those older pics later).  These are several of the pictures from that day.

There was a lot of that face going on (both of those faces actually)

His hair just ended up that way with all our attempts to make him happy

Didn't get to many of her since she wasn't very cooperative.  We had more from last time any way.

I really like this one, maybe I should have had this one printed

We have a print of this one, the photographer thought it was the best one, but Kiree looks funny and Jaide's face is cut off.

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