Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Fun Day!

The girls had a day off of school last week (two weeks ago now).  It was actually one half day and then a day off of school right before a weekend.  It would have been the perfect time to go away for a long weekend, but with the government shut down and Bob having to make up time off for going on Jaide's field trip, going away was not going to work.  I decided I'd take the kids to do something fun for their day off.  I printed out a coupon for discounted tokens and took the kids to Chuck e Cheese for a couple of hours of play time Friday morning.  It was a little bit crazy, but manageable crazy.  The worst thing that happened was probably Luke trying to steal other people's skee-balls, but he's a cute little guy and people were quick to forgive.  The kids all had fun and then we went home and had lunch before Luke's nap time.

During nap time the girls were reasonably quiet.  I offered to play a board game with the girls but they preferred to watch one of the movies they got from the library.  I ended up spray painting some stuff.  I tried spray painting our girly little plastic tricycle some less girly colors, but that paint can lied about covering plastic!  It's already scraped off in several places.
I made lasagne for dinner and once Bob came home and we all ate, we headed out again for more fun.  We went down to Six Flags for fright fest.  Jaide and Bob rode on the superman roller coaster.  I took the other kids on the carousel while they waited in line and rode.  Luke liked the first ride, but not the second and so we wandered around a bit after that.  We went over to the basketball game to watch for a bit.  Luke seriously loves balls, so I figured he'd enjoy watching.  Nobody was playing the game for a while and one of the girls running the game came up to Luke and tried to give him one of the balls.  At first he was a little scared, but then he decided it was cool.  He took the ball and she let him come in the game area and try to "make a basket."  Kiree joined him, but neither one got the ball anywhere near the basket.  Then someone wanted to play and it was time to go.  Luke was reluctant to leave, so I had to come and get him.  Shortly after that Bob and Jaide came back and we headed home.
As we were leaving they were handing out free samples of gum.  The kids were so excited except for the part in the car where we made them hold their wrapped up gum they didn't want to chew any more all the way home and meanly forced them to throw it in the trash can. 

watching a rollercoaster

on the carousel

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