Friday, November 22, 2013

Crazy Legs

Earlier this month I started having painful hard veins in my leg.  I woke up one day with one leg crossed over the other and from the way my leg felt and how it looked (red, hot, lumpy) I thought I had a superficial clot.  I finally went in to the doctor and she had me go to a nearby radiology place.  When the ultrasound technician say no clot, I was shocked.  The doctor wanted me to get someone else to look at my leg and scheduled me an appointment with a vein doctor.  They very thoroughly ultrasounded my leg again and confirmed there were no clots, but they suggested I get the vein closed.  So next month I will be getting that seriously damaged vein closed.  I've been wearing the compression stockings they gave me that day ever since.  My leg doesn't hurt as much now, but the vein is still hard and my skin is bruised looking.  It's always something! 

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Jenny said...

Oh no! Sorry you have to deal with all that. At least it's not a clot, I guess!