Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving and Cousins!

Bob's sister Emily and her family came down from Boston to spend Thanksgiving with us.  We had a fun time with them.  The kids were super excited to get to play with their cousins.  Emily and Travis made us lots of yummy food.  They are wonderful guests!  On Thanksgiving we also had a couple from our ward over for dinner.  They brought a yummy jello salad.  I made many pies.  It took a while to eat them all.  The day after Thanksgiving, Emily and I went to the craft store to get some deals.  Later in the day we went to Fort McHenry.  It was freezing out there.  That night after we got all the kids into bed my friend Becky who I'm in a babysitting co-op with was so nice as to come and babysit for all of us so we could go see Catching Fire at the movie theater.  The movie was awesome.  Saturday they had to head back home.  We were so glad they came for a visit.
Here are some pictures
awesome bedhead

breakfast boys at the kid table

trying to get a group cousin photo is hard

We put up the tree before Thanksgiving but officially lit it after dinner on Thanksgiving

The next day the kids helped put the ornaments on

We went to Fort McHenry on black Friday.  It was very, very cold.  I came in to warm up during the ranger talk.  Eventually Alyssa and Evan joined me.

It wasn't too cold inside the actual fort, it wasn't too bad inside the basement area

They look a bit too cheerful to be locked up in jail

that's more like it Jaide

possibly the only picture I got with Travis and Emily in it.  I was slacking on the picture taking

Inside the fort with the star spangled banner smaller replica flag

The kids found a tunnel

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