Saturday, December 28, 2013


I had another birthday.  It was a pretty good day.  I had been up at the school nearly every day helping out with the Holiday Shoppe for the kids and taking money to the bank.  Friday was the last day of the kid's shop.  Bob took the day off.  He came up to school with Luke and helped out a bit.  Then he took Luke home for a nap.  Later he came back and brought me some food.  I was at school pretty much all day long.
We were going to go out to dinner but we ran out of time.  We still need to go out for my birthday dinner!

I came back in the evening for the evening event.  They have the kids shopping in the cafeteria and various vendors in the gym.  Kiree's daisy scout troop was selling cookies and we had a shift at the booth.  I made some adorable salt dough girl scout cookie ornaments to sell.  (and I was working on them up until the last minute!)  We sold seven of my ornaments!
the samoas were more popular than the thin mints in salt dough format
 Kiree and Jaide were both there at the booth.  Bob and Luke came before bedtime to pick up the girls.  I stayed until they closed up shop in the cafeteria so we could count the money.  We ran out of time (the custodians were kicking us out) and had to count some of it the next day.  Our PTA president was so dead tired!  She had literally been at the school all day every day that week to run the shop.  If someone else does not step up to run it next year it ain't happening!
The girls were still up when I got home and so I opened some presents with them and Bob.  The internet was down part of the day and I was gone most of the day, so I missed everybody who tried to call.
The next day we had some birthday pie and Bob made up a new song for me:

We missed your birthday this year
We missed your birthday this year
So better luck next year!
We missed your birthday this year

They did sing the more traditional "Happy Birthday" as well.

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