Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve 2013
We made some pretzel treats with hugs and reese's peanut butter cups

I was Mary in the Nativity play.  I put Luke's basketball in my shirt and he told me, "not you ball!  mine!"

Singing Christmas songs along with music on the internet.  I'd like to get a piano some day and then have someone learn to play it.

Luke watching the fire and baby Jesus's laundry basket manger

See Luke, I told you I'd give it back

shepherd/wiseman Jaide

The girls asked about having a fire going and how that would affect Santa.  First, we told them, we can't go to bed until the fire is out.  Second I shared the words from Funky, Funky Christmas by New Kids on the Block.  I found a clip on youtube of them singing it on the Arsenio Hall Show.  I don't think the girls were impressed.  

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