Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Partying

December is a big month for parties.  First up was Bob's work party at a fancy hall in Baltimore.  They had various dinner stations and some tasty desserts.  They had casino table games and funny money again this year.  We didn't play.  I found some various features on my cellphone camera while we were hanging out.

I probably should have tried a little harder (or at all) with my hair.  I had just been camping with the girl scouts but I had showered so I'm not sure what my excuse is.

Every year that the last days of school aren't cancelled because of snow, the kids' school has a holiday sing along.  The kids always really enjoy it and that's why if we're not going out of town and school doesn't get out until like the 23rd some years Jaide has not wanted to stay home even if I suggest it.  The sing along is big fun!  They sing winter, Christmas, Hanukkah, and even a Kwanzaa song.  I've never been to it before, but this year I got to go to both sessions.  It was also our principal's last day as she is retiring.  It was kind of sad.  She has been at the school for 18 years.  That's even longer than I'm going to be there with these three kids!  The PTA president and the good people who are playing Elkster the school mascot this year wanted something to present to our retiring principal at the sing along.  I was commissioned to make a scroll and write something on it.  I didn't know what to write so I asked the PTA board.  Someone smarter than me told me to ask google.  It worked!  I found some poems already written by other people about principals retiring.  Shortly before the lower grades holiday sing along was about to begin, our tiny committee chose one of the poems I'd printed out, tweaked it a bit and wrote it on the scroll.
presenting the poem scroll round 1
 The PTA president and Elkster presented it to the principal at the lower grade sing along and again at the upper grade sing along.
facing the other way to hear the band, that's Kiree's teacher  bottom right
 Luke and I stayed to listen to the morning sing along and got to see Kiree and her Daisy scout friends.  Luke loves Elkster.
Kiree wearing antlers somewhere in there
elf crossing
We went home and grabbed some lunches to bring back up to school so we could eat with Kiree.  This year because of when Christmas fell we had a few days of break before Christmas eve, but in years past it's been right up to the bitter end.  Years when that happened and we were staying in town I usually came in to have lunch with Jaide.  We hadn't ever had lunch with Kiree so that's what we did.  We went home for nap time afterwards and then came back up for the afternoon sing along.  Jaide was playing a song on the cello with the 4th and 5th grade orchestra.
Jaide's in the back, bottom center of that bulletin board
We got to see the teachers perform some songs.  It was a fun time.  Luke was a little crazy.  Maybe he didn't actually nap while we were home.  I can't remember now, but he was kind of crazy during the afternoon sing along.  As the kids were clearing out and there was like 10 or 15 minutes left of school, I asked Jaide if she just wanted to go home and she of course said no.  So Luke and I waited with the PTA president because of course her boys didn't want to leave early either and we both walk to school so there wasn't any point in going home.  We heard that the teachers were all planning to go outside when they dismissed the bus riders and cheer for the principal.  We decided to come around to the front of the school after dismissal to cheer too.  The buses ended up making several trips around the bus loop.  The kids waved and cheered, the drivers honked the horns.  Everybody on the sidewalk waved and cheered.  It was fun but of course I have no pictures.  I guess we were just enjoying the moments.  The principal was very emotional.  We will miss her very much.  She was always very supportive of the PTA.  We hope the new principal will be good.

scroll poem round 2

can you tell it was lightly spray painted gold?
So on the 21st after getting my vein killed and washing the cars in the unseasonably warm weather we went to the Christmas party at church.  There was a dinner and the kids all sang.  We had a few songs that everyone got to sing together.

Luke thoroughly enjoyed the mini pies.   We're blessed to have a family in the ward that owns a cookie business.  They make other yummy desserts too.
On the way home we decided to drive past the county famous house that goes all out for Christmas decorating.  They also had a display up when the Ravens were in the superbowl.
This is all the same, not too terribly big house.  They have quite the moving lights and music display going on.  I wonder how their neighbors feel about it.  

A lot of people had the same idea as us and it was fairly crowded.  We did a drive by viewing but had plenty of time to look with the traffic.  

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