Saturday, December 28, 2013

Girl Scouts

The day after my birthday we went to a bowling activity on Fort Meade that our girl scout service unit was having.  I think the girls were the only members of their respective troops there, but we had a fun time bowling as a family.  The girls had the bumpers up and after a while Kiree started using this plastic dinosaur thing they had for the littlest kids to use to get the ball all they way down the lane.  Luke took a few of Kiree's turns and it was pretty cute.
Luke "helping" Bob

Luke and the dinosaur

The second week in December Jaide's troop went camping at a cabin at one of the girl scout camps in our area.  I came with her for the first night.  The cabin had been redecorated with a ton of stuff from Ikea since the troop had been there last (that was before Jaide had joined this troop).  The rooms still had very hard old bunk beds.  I brought along some crochet hooks and some yarn and started making a scarf for Jaide.  I showed some of the girls how to crochet.  They all took turns doing different jobs.  They made some ornaments and worked on their digital photography badge.  I helped out here and there but left on Saturday afternoon because Bob's work party was that night.  It snowed a little at home, but not where the girls were camping.  Apparently they could have earned a snow camping badge if it had snowed!  Jaide had a lot of fun.  Kiree and Luke tagged along with me when I picked Jaide up Sunday morning.  
Here are some of the blurry shots Jaide got with my cellphone before I left on Saturday.

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