Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mummies of the World

The Monday before Christmas, after my vein work, we went to the Maryland Science Center to see the Mummies of the World Exhibit.  We got tickets through groupon.  It was cool to see mummies from places other than Egypt.  There were some from Europe, Asia, South America, the Pacific, and even one found in a bog.  Photography wasn't allowed so all of the pictures from our day are of other exhibits at the museum.  
Luke wasn't a big fan but Bob took him out and let the girls and I take our time in the exhibit.  Bob took Luke to play in the kid area but he did listen to the audio tour thing that came with our groupon tickets to the mummy exhibit.  

playing the laser harp

We were glad to see how much Luke enjoyed the train table in the kid area since he was getting one for Christmas

Kiree and Jaide enjoyed sending each other messages through the pneumatic tube. 

Luke sure likes trains!


Bob had fun with PVC pipes

"the seat you pull yourself up on"

pulleys and physics

I was there!  More physics

Bob vs. the girls

diggin' dinos

a twister!  a twister!

oh no!

Jaide's hair wasn't quite so crazy as last time she did this.  I didn't get a picture of Kiree's turn because she didn't follow directions, let go too soon, and got a shock

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