Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vein Killin'

 I recently had some damaged veins closed shut.  The first procedure was on Saturday the 21st in the afternoon.  Kiree, Luke, and I stopped by our favorite local farm in the morning to pick up some eggs, bacon, and sausage.  We also stopped by the library to pick up a DVD to watch at the doctor's office.  I was hoping they'd have the Hunger Games and they did.  They also had a copy at the office and I ended up watching their copy.  Bob had to drive me home afterwards but he also had all the kids with him so he took them all to see the train garden at the fire station by church while I was being worked on.  I guess I forgot to mention that it was an insanely unseasonably warm day that day.  It was a great day to see the trains because there were no crowds!  Everyone was enjoying the weather!  Luke loves trains so much.  He loved the train garden.  

The vein killin' went okay.  The actual procedure didn't take too long.  There was a lot of ultrasounding and gooping up of my legs.  There was some drawing and some needle poking to make me numb.  I felt it a little bit still though when he was closing off the vein.  My leg was kind of numb, but I guess there was still some feeling.  It wasn't too bad.  I got two pairs of full compression stockings.  They're like black pantyhose but much tighter.  I had to wear them day and night for three days.  I was waking up at night because the seams were cutting into my toes.  I ended up cutting the toes off one of the pairs.  I didn't get a before picture of my leg but here is one after shot.  Feel free to scroll past or stop reading here.

My leg actually looks far more bruised now than it did when I took this one, the morning after the second procedure.  Dots and lines on upper leg are from the first one- and the bandaid with the line is where the stitch was.  The bandaids on my calf are where they numbed me up for the second one and the white gauze is where the second stitch was.  The dark part on the side of my calf was where my messed up vein is/was.  It's looked like that (and worse) for over a month.
I had the first follow up the next Monday morning and at that time the doctor closed another vein in the back of my calf.  My three days of night stocking wearing restarted :(  I didn't feel anything this time (when the doctor was working anyway, when the tech took out my stitch from the first procedure that hurt very much!)  I can't lift more than 15lbs or run or jump.  I can't do yoga for two weeks.  But I am supposed to keep moving.  Now I'm on the wear the full stockings during the day for one more week part.  It's been hard not being able to pick Luke up.  He really loves being carried around.  I'm glad Bob has been home all week.  He's been the one putting Luke down for naps and at bed time.

This is what we did after I had the first vein closed on that freakishly warm day- we washed the cars with the water from the rain barrel.  The warm weather did not last though!

Kiree climbed the tree in the front yard

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Meg said...

So far so good with the veins. I had my follow up for the second procedure and got the stitch out a lot less painfully this time. I don't go back in until February. My activity restrictions will all be up after four weeks. I feel like the operation game guy. Doesn't he have a rubber band somewhere in him? I feel sometimes like I have a tight rubber band in my leg. It's sometimes sore but usually just feels weird.