Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Loo Tee

Lukey had a birthday!

 Luke loves the movie Cars and "mah-keen" so I made him a Lightning McQueen shirt and cake for his birthday. The girls "helped" me make the topper pieces out of marshmallow fondant. We made quite a mess.
 I think the cake turned out pretty well. The girls made the cacti. Lukey liked it.
 Luke at two: Luke is 37.25" tall and 27.4lbs. Luke loves to eat "butter" which is peanut butter on toast or in a sandwich. Every car is "racecar!" Luke also likes trains, trucks, and planes. Jumping on the trampoline is a favorite. Luke has been going to a weekly structured playgroup and a music class, both of which end this month. Luke says some cute stuff. He has started saying "I Loo Tee" which means I'm Lukey. He's getting better at communicating what he wants or needs. "I poopy." "My cuppy!" "No bed!" "Where Jaide? Where Kiree? Where Cali?"

January to March Recap in Pictures!

If I didn't take pictures, I wouldn't remember what happened.
Take a look for "daddy" on a toy, a strange "word of the day" sentence, a tree that is no more, GS thinking day- Russian dancers, Russian food, some pictures of the event from the local newspaper, snow, more snow, a doggy snow angel, Valentine's date at the mall to see the Lego movie in 3D, heart shaped cupcakes with cookie dough frosting, doggy school graduation, a mouse that is no more, the birthday dog, Jaide's GS troop service project collecting books for GS camp, warm, snow again, St. Patrick's day, Bob's stitches (not pictured), strings concert, spaceship, and Darth Vader valentines.