Sunday, April 13, 2014


I started this post back in January not long after this happened but didn't get around to finishing it until today.

My poor little Luke was sick for a whole week and he just wasn't getting better.  On Saturday, we knew we needed to take him to the doctor.  I took the girls with me to Cali's first obedience school class and Bob took Luke to Kindermender (a local urgent care center that caters to kids and which everybody loves).  The girls and I were on the way home when Bob called me to tell me they wanted him to take Luke to the emergency room.  Luke's oxygen levels were too low.  When the girls and I joined the boys at the emergency room, we found out that Luke had pretty bad pneumonia.  They thought he needed to be hospitalized.  They did not have enough beds open and also wanted him to be in a facility with a pediatric ICU just in case it was needed so they planned to transfer him to Johns Hopkins (we were at the local hospital where both Kiree and Luke were born).  We did a lot of waiting for that to happen.  Luke was on oxygen and had an IV in.  They had started giving him antibiotics through the IV.  Finally it was time to go.  Luke got to go for a ride in an ambulance.  One parent was allowed to go with so I rode along.  It was a first for both of us.  Luke was not very happy to be strapped down to a stretcher with only a stranger to see in the back of the ambulance.  I tried to talk to him every now and again, but it didn't really help.  The EMT in the back with Luke had a son named Luke too who was just a little younger than our Luke.

At Johns Hopkins we had to go to their pediatric ER as well.  That is how they admit apparently.  We got to talk to multiple doctors, residents, and nurses (it was right at a shift change for the nurses).  Eventually there was a room ready for Luke and he and I got to ride up to the ninth floor on a gurney.
I did a lot of holding Luke the week he was sick at home and it wasn't much different at the hospital.

That night I tried to rock Luke to sleep and was getting ready to put him in the crib in the room when I noticed blood.  Luke's IV had come out.  Poor baby had to get another one put into his other hand.  I think after this Luke screamed any time any medical personnel came near him.  (I wasn't there when he got the first IV at the other hospital, but he didn't like that one either).

Luke didn't sleep well.  I didn't sleep well.  It was a very difficult experience.  Luke stayed in the hospital for two nights.  I stayed with Luke most of the time.  Bob came up to visit on Sunday (kids weren't allowed to visit) and Bob stayed most of the day on Monday when I just couldn't stay any longer.
Bob actually got Luke to nap in the crib.  Luke mostly just laid on me while I was there.
I felt great joy when Luke started feeling well enough to play again.  They brought him some toys from the playroom.  He couldn't go there because he had a respiratory illness.
They didn't want to let him go home until his oxygen levels stayed high enough on their own, even during a nap.
he hated all the cords
 I really appreciated all the people who helped out, prayed for Luke, and posted encouragement on facebook.  We were so happy to take Luke home on Monday night.  Luke finished up his course of antibiotics at home and was doing much better a few days later.

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Rosie said...

So sad! This whole experience was pretty scary. I'm so glad he's all better!