Sunday, June 14, 2015

End of school

The kids are just about done with school for the year.  This tends to make things busy since everyone wants to have end-of-year picnics, ceremonies and other events.  I don't remember quite so many things when I was a kid, but perhaps I just don't remember them.  So in June we have the following for Meg or I (not including regular PTA and other meetings):

June 3: Surprise a Staff breakfast
June 5: First grade picnic, 5th grade social
June 9: Junior scout bridging ceremony
June 11: Volunteer lunch
June 12: PTA leader party thing
June 13: Girl scout overnight thing
June 15: Daisy scout bridging ceremony
June 17: Fifth grade closing ceremony
June 17: Kids dentist appointments
June 18: 5th grade picnic
June 29-July 3: Girl scout day camp

Since I get roped into helping out or attending half of these events it is tricky to work full time at the same time.  It is especially tricky when your badge stops working.

I'm probably not the only one that sometimes thinks the kids would be fine without me being there, but sometimes I can tell that it really does mean something to them.  For example, when I went to the 1st grade picnic Kiree seemed pretty happy that I came to hear her story.  I'm not sure my dad came to many of those things, but I don't think we had as many of those types of things, either.  I don't know how people can do all this if they have two or three times as many kids as I do.

So . . . happy Flag Day.

I love my family.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kiree's Scratch Pony Battle

This is Kiree's project from Scratch Day.  It has some serious issues as a game, but it shows a lot of promise for a 7-year-old.  Enjoy.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Scratch Day Monster Chase

This is Jaide's Scratch Day project.  I remixed it so it is a bit easier than Jaide's original version.

Instructions:    Press up arrow to avoid the rocks. You are being chased by a monster!

Scratch Day

This is a little Mother's Day card I made for Meg.  It seems to work better on Firefox than Chrome.

Yesterday I took the girls to Scratch Day sponsored by Girls Who Code of Howard County.  I helped Jaide with a game she was making and ended up making my own scratch profile to finish that up.  Some of the beginners were making Mothers day cards so I decided to make one, too.  Jaide and Kiree spend a lot of time remixing Scratch projects they like and sometimes making their own.  (Jaide: a lot of the time I make my own projects)